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Maintenance Division

�??Maintenance, why wait until it fails?�??

Olympic Maintenance Division LLC, a licensed, bonded, fully insured general contracting company was created solely for the purpose of serving the properties we manage. This allows us to be laser focused on the types of issues arising daily in residential rental properties. The sole purpose of this company is to help keep your property in top shape and to save you money. From carpentry to light electrical and plumbing, there is no reason to call numerous contractors and pay general contractor or even licensed handyman trip rates; we know how to get it done or find someone who can.

Whether you are a real estate agent trying help an owner prepare a property for sale or a seller who needs to complete an inspection punch list prior to the closing of a sale. Whether you are a homeowner who wants to keep his home in top shape to the business owner who wants her customers to know they value the details, we can help you present your best face to the world

(why wait until it fails?).

Planning ahead with a property checklist, an annual inspection of all systems inside and out and frequent tenant contacts is the best way to proactively prevent very expensive maintenance issues from arising or at least arising as a surprise. For instance each spring and fall when gutter and roof cleaning are under way, chimney, vent and roof "health" will be assessed at the same time. Plans can then be made well in advance for major expenses and often the life of a building component can be extended by early attention.

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