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Development Services

Project Management

Want to develop the ideal facility for your business? Perhaps can't find the right existing building for investment purposes. Let Olympic Rental & Landlord Services manage your development project from beginning to end. Contact us well in advance of your project start date for the best in project management.


Investment & Asset Enhancement

Periodically individuals or groups come forward who want to invest in existing properties or create a project literally from the ground up but who do not have the time or expertise to put the project together or to assess and find the appropriate investment. By pooling resources, smaller investors can become part of projects normally reserved only for larger investors. Creating the investment mechanisms, helping to design, manage, finance and complete projects is something that Olympic Rental & Landlord Services does well. Whether finding an appropriate existing property or identifying a development project, the same basic philosophical tenants that have served well in property management help to make the highest value for investment partners - relationships, getting it done now with an eye on the long-term and investment in the community. Contact us directly for more information.

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